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PublishAmerica Presents Playa by David Butler II
Frederick, MD February 10, 2011 -- PublishAmerica is proud to present Playa: A Love Storyby David Butler II.
How does a Playboy, Casanova, Don Juan, Player, or Playa fall in love? Young or old, blue collar or professional, broad-shouldered pretty boy or smooth-spoken poet, those in The Brotherhood of Philanders have a common creed: One woman is never enough! These men find monogamy confining and impractical, a foolish forfeiture of the adrenaline rush and ego boost that come from being the object of many women's desire. So the question still remains; How does a Playa fall in love? What woman has enough charisma to change a Playa to an honest one-woman man. This is the question that haunts Eric Jones' mind, emotions, and heart. Through betrayal, lies, deceptions, manipulation, and the need to always  be in control...will he break the Player Protocol and be with one woman and fall in love? or keep playing the game that he has played all his life?
David Butler II is a Licensed, Certified ABOC, CPO Optician who resides in Dallas, Texas. He found his passion for writing by writing letters during a very acrimonious period during a relationship. From that experience it taught him to appreciate love and grow not only as a man but as servant of GOD as well.
Through his writings and life experiences sprung Playa: A Love Story. He is also a motivational speaker who teaches and encourages couples toward loving and fulfilling relationships and marriages. The central theme of his message is love, because when you love you are using the greatest power in the world.
“It has been an extreme pleasure to work with this talented and dedicated author,” said PublishAmerica Public Relations Director Shawn Street.  “For ordering information, please visit”
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